Adaptive Sports Northwest has four wheelchair basketball teams: The Portland Wheelblazers, The Junior Wheelblazers and the Prep Junior Blazers, and the newly formed Portland Cascades, a women’s team comprised of both adult and junior athletes.

Wheelchair basketball is a fast-paced form of basketball. Based on the able-bodied version of the sport, most of the rules, tactics, and plays are the same: court dimensions, basket heights, number of players, playing time, shot clock, scoring, and 3 point line.

As the name of the sport implies, athletes in wheelchair basketball play from a seated position in a chair specialized for the sport. Some rules differ from the sport’s able-bodied counterpart: dribbling, traveling, and fouls all have rules specific to wheelchair basketball.

Teams play games against other teams from around the Northwest and West Coast at tournaments each year including regional cities such as Portland, Seattle, Tacoma, and Spokane.


All ASNW Wheelchair Basketball teams including the Portland Wheelblazers are members of the National Wheelchair Basketball Association.

Wheelblazers after 3 wins at the Presidents Cup Tournament in Tacoma, WA - Feb 2023

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